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Spread below the Mt. Kanchanjunga (8534 m), the third highest mountain in the world and revered by the Sikkimese as their protective Deity, Sikkim shares her borders with Tibet in the north; Bhutan in the east, Nepal in the west and state of Bengal in the south.
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Tour Itineraries

Birds and Butterflies in Sikkim

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Butterflies in Sikkim, Sikkim TourismWhere Khangchendzonga - the third highest peak dominates the horizon, within such a small size and land area of 7096 sq. kms, bio-diversity in Sikkim can undoubtedly be one of immense interest to ecologist and environmentalists, earth scientist and nature lovers, botanist and biologists in equal measures. Sikkim epitomises the pithy saying: Small is Beautiful.

There is a great variety and numerical abundance of the resident birdlife with an overall 550 species which would account as much as 30% of the aggregate bird species found in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

From pheasants and tragopans, thrushes and magpies, to hawk-eagles and kingfishers, the variety and richness is breathtaking.

of the 1400 species of butterfly fauna found in the Indian Subcontinent as many as 700 species occur in Sikkim. of the diversified butterfly fauna, Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, thus said: " by far the most striking feature consisted in the amazing quantity of superb butterflies, large tropical sallowtails, black with scarlet or yellow eyes on their wings. They were seen everywhere majestically through the still hot air, or fluttering from one scorching rock to another and especially loving to settle on the damp sand of the river edge, where they sat by thousands with erect wings, balancing themselves with a rocking motion as their heavy sails inclined them to one side or the other, resembling a crowded fleet of yachts on a calm day. Such an entomological display cannot be surpassed."

Birds in Sikkim, Sikkim TourismThe forest stands are very diverse, and non-forested areas-such as cliffs, high alpine meadows, cascading streams and places all provide places birds to feed, rest and raise their young. A wide variety of residential and non-residential birds can be seen along the trail at different elevations and in different seasons.

About 180 big and small lakes spread over Sikkim's folds and faults are the habitat of an umpteen number of resident and migratory waterfowl and for Brahminy ducks principally, they are the permanent breeding habitats. Recent study results of about 47 Book
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This Now species of waterfowl ranging from Blacknecked Grebe and Large Coromorant to Egret and Brownheaded Gull. Also found to occur are the Herons, Lapwing, Crake, Moorhen and Snipes.

Planning your birding trip

Your Birding itinerary depends upon your interests, the duration of the planned trip, and other matters such as your budget. We feel the best way to finalize your itinerary is to first survey the birding sites described on this site, and our standard itineraries, then decide what you want. Thereafter together, via e-mail, we can formulate your trip plan.

The best time for birding in the Eastern Himalayas is Feb to mid May and Oct - Nov, though any time of the year can be productive. The rainy season is not a good time (June - September inclusive).

The duration of your tour can be as long as you like. You will find our suggestions of days required for each birding site. We have four itineraries, for ready reference. These can be tailored to your requirements. 
For first timers it will help to do some home work and come prepared with the under mentioned birding basics. Once you are at the site, our landscape and avifauna is a natural classroom

1. Bird identification
2. Names and classification - common names and scientific names
3. Knowledge of how to use binoculars, and maintain records.

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